• Los Angeles Fire Dept. and UC San Diego WIFIRE Team Join Forces to Fight WildfiresThe Los Angeles Fire Department, recently challenged by another series of late summer wildfires, has successfully tested a new web-based tool to perform data-driven predictive modeling and analysis of fires that have a high potential for rapid spreadLearn More
  • SDSC Supercomputer Modeling Reveals Acrobatics of CRISPR-Cas9 Technology A team led by researchers at UC San Diego has captured in step-by-step atomic detail the surgical editing of DNA strands by CRISPR-Cas9, the innovative gene-splicing technology that in recent years has transformed the field of genetic engineeringLearn More
  • Promising Drug Leads Identified to Combat Heart DiseaseUsing a unique computational approach to rapidly sample proteins in their natural state of gyrating, bobbing, and weaving, a research team has identified promising drug leads that may selectively combat heart disease, from arrhythmias to cardiac failure.Learn More
  • Carnegie Mellon “Baby Tartanian8” Pokerbot Sweeps Annual CompetitionContestants all knew CMU’s latest computer poker program was good. As it turns out, its performance in the Annual Computer Poker Competition was even better than people thought.Learn More
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