• Underlying Molecular Networks Suggest New Targets to Combat Brain CancerGlioblastoma is an aggressive form of brain cancer. With no effective treatments available, researchers seek to uncover molecular networks that may yield attractive therapeutic targets for this deadly disease.Learn More
  • New Ocean Current Simulations Alter View of Climate Change ImpactsA “more realistic” computer model, created with the aid of SDSC's Gordon supercomputer, paints a new picture of global warming’s impact on the complex processes that drive ocean mixing in the vast eddies swirling off the California coastLearn More
  • SDSC, UC San Diego Health Sciences to Launch Year 2 of Mentoring ProgramMAP is a new mentoring program designed to provide a pathway for high school students to gain access to experts in their field of interestLearn More
  • SDSC to Participate in Obama Administration’s ‘Smart Manufacturing’ InitiativeSDSC will participate in a comprehensive national initiative to spur advances in digital process controls to improve the efficiency of U.S. manufacturingLearn More
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